Monday, 21 March 2011

The Shirt: Tones

  •  So the shirt remains, but the man is gone
  • ... it was painful evidence of his picture without me
  • I am a freckle-faced, green-eyed redheaded atheist from one of the cheaper suburbs of Melbourne

  •  there were only WC's pictures on the table. This shows that WC only cares about himself

  • She knew she was being dumped, but she still reminiscing about their relationship

The Shirt: Characters and Characteristics

Physical Appearance
  • 1st year student at Melbourne University
  • Freckled-faced, green-eyed, red-headed
  • atheist
  • easily fall in love
  • childish
  • obsessed with WC
  • stubborn
  • persistent

Physical Appearance

    • Final year student at the university
    • Completed his basic medical degree at London University
    • Studied psychiatric at Melbourne University
    • originated from Sandakan
    • good-looking ans has a model-like built

      • vain
      • liar
      • calm

      Physical Appearance

      • Beautiful and sophisticated Londoner
      • Platinum blonde
      • Stayed in Europe for modelling assignments

      Monday, 7 March 2011

      The Shirt: Themes

      This could be seen when Wu Cheng (W.C) said to Emma,
      "I'm too old for you."

      Emma is a first-year student at her university

      Meanwhile, WC is a 29-years-old post-graduate from Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
      It was his final year at the university

      Wu Cheng was acting as if he was in love with Emma but in an odd way like when he told Emma to get out of his room, playing with Emma's feelings when she refused to get out from the room

      WC gets married to a 26-years-old blonde, she was a part-time model and studied in London

      'WC' means 'Water Closet', the only name that used by Emma for Wu Cheng. Emma sent letters to WC but she received replies weeks later with a remark "Return to sender - W.C. has died". This was a mistake done by WC in faking his death to Emma

      WC said his family only want a Chinese, who is intelligent, wealthy, has a good reputation of family history and a Catholic. But then, he got married to an English woman

      WC acted as a mentor for Emma as he was the final year student and Emma was a first year student
      He said that he loves Emma for the first and last time during his birthday party
      He kissed Emma before his departure for Malaysia


      Emma refused to leave WC's room even after she was repeatedly told to do so by WC
      Emma told WC to accept her because she wanted to be with him. Words like, "WC, please don't go", and "I'm not yellow enough for you" shows how musch she wanted to be with WC.
      Emma went to the airport to meet WC for the last time to show how meaningful WC is to her. She even sent letters to him, hoping that he would remember her

      Sunday, 6 March 2011

      Hills Like White Elephants: Setting

      Train Station

      Ebro River




      a society who are ignorant
      The American Man said that the operation was as if blowing air into the body but in reality, the operation would be painful. In other words, the American Man was being ignorant towards Jig

      a society who are indecisive
      Jig were not sure to undergo the operation or not. From the dialog, we could identify the indecisive tone in her speech.