Saturday, 15 January 2011

Black Beauty: Characters

Definition of characters: Characters are the role in the story. Without the characters, it is as if you went to a play without actors and actresses. Characters can be divided into round and flat, and also dynamic and static characters. The main character is known as protagonist while the opposing character is known as antagonist. In the black beauty context, I will divide the characters into three types; good human being, bad human being and animals.

Mr Douglas Squire Gordon
A very kind and loving master,
a very fine judge of horses.

James Howard
stable boy,
he is gentle and clever when dealing with horses
had to Birtwick Park for another job

John Manly
considerate to the horses,
never uses brutality,
tend to Black Beauty when he is ill

Mr Jakes
An owner who uses Black Beauty as a work horse,
forcing him to carry heavy loads

Mr Nicholas Skinner
A ruthless cab horse owner who wears out horses
through hard work and mistreatment
He was cruel to his pony by using the whip
brutally that it hurts the pony

Captain Langley
Treated his horses like his military men

Darkie/Black Beauty/Black Auster/Jack
The narrator of the story, a black horse with a white diamond-shaped pattern on his head
After a bad accident with Reuben Smith, he was no longer considered as presentable, so he had to do harder work than before. He had several masters, some are cruel, some are kind and loving.
The horse was really royal to his master. Once, he saved his master from falling into a pond by using his instinct
He had a mother named Duchess and a brother, called Rob Roy

A short, white handsome pony that is polite to both humans and horses.
The young daughters at Birtwick Park used to ride him before he was sent to live with a vicar who promised never to sell him

Black Beauty's companion at Birtwick Park. She is named for her chestnut colour and her biting habit
Due to the mistreatment that she received in the past, she was aggressive towards human
She died because of cruelty of human

Sir Oliver
An older horse who had his tails docked in order to satisfy human's sense of fashion
It caused him great annoyance and discomfort

A five-year old horse bought as replacement for Captain

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