Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hills Like White Elephant: Characters & Characteristics and Point of View

Young - enjoyed drinking alcohol
Pregnant - it is obvious because the whole story is about pregnancy
Loving - cares for the American man
Indecisive - keeps changing her decision
Peacemaker - She is not willing to talk about the problem that bothers both of them so much and keeps changing the topic. She is trying to avoid worse arguments

Young - enjoyed drinking alcohol
Manipulative - Further by saying he doesn't care if she does it, that he would be okay if she doesn't
Hypocritical - "You've got to realize... that I don't want you to do it if you don't want to..." When it is obvious he wanted Jig to do the abortion
Selfish - He keeps saying that abortion is simple when we know that the operation is painful

Spanish woman
She proves that the story takes place in Zargozza, Spain

Third-person point of view
Hemingway doesn't reveal the character's thoughts but only on what they do and say

Minimum context being presented: only on the scenery (river of Ebro, white hills), the weather (hot) and the train schedules.

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