Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hills Like White Elephant: Plot

  • A man and a woman were outside a bar having some drinks and waiting for the train
  • They decided to order beers and the woman who works at the bar brought the drinks to their table
  • The girl remarked that the distant hills look lke white elephants, but the man discounted her remark

  • The Americans began to mention about an operation
  • He argued that the operation would be simple, but then said that the procedure really isn't even an operation at all

  • They kept arguing about the operation
  • The woman threatened to scream if the American would not stop talking.

  • Jig eventually assented to the operation, and gave the final justification: "I don't care about me". She attempted to drop the subject, but the man persisted as if still unsure of Jig's intentions and mental state

  •  The Spanish bartender brought two more beers and told them that the train would arrive in 5 minutes
  • The American carried their bags to the platform and then walked back to the bar
  • He asked the girl whether she felt better. She said she felt fine and that there was nothing wrong with her

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